The Bottom Shelf

We didn’t have a bar or liquor cabinet in our house when I was a kid. A bottle of something special in the cupboard above the fridge, sure, but that was it. Man caves came along after I was grown, and we don’t have one. I prefer to drink in bars. Beer, primarily, but occasionally something more. I’ve learned over the years, that if I’m going to pick something stronger, it’s worth the extra coin to call for something above the bottom shelf.

You know the bottom shelf. Also called the “well”, it’s where the cheap stuff hangs out. The instigator of bad decisions, the goal of a bottom shelf spirit is to make “a” drink; not necessarily the best you ever had. Some people swear by the bottom shelf. If that’s you, then you’ll recognize Old Crow Whiskey, a standard on the bottom shelf. These glasses would be a great fit for your home bar or man cave.

Old Crow Light
Crow Light Rocks Glasses
Old Crow Mugs
Old Crow Coffee Mugs




Author: Babbsela

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