Help the Champ Knock Out Illiteracy!

June 30, 1997 was a slow day in the office. A few of us had time to kick back and read the newspaper to kill some time. Scanned through the Denver Post, something caught my eye when I reached Section B. Page 5B had a full page ad for the Peter Lowe’s Success 1997 Business Seminar. Each speaker in the lineup was featured in the ad with a picture and short bio. I immediately recognized most of the people in the pictures, including Zig Ziglar, Lou Holtz, Amy VanDyken and Christopher Reeve. I also saw a photo of Barbara Bush, the former First Lady. Before I could read her bio, I noticed the caption under her photo, “World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.”

Barbara BushI showed the misprint to all the guys in the office and we got a good chuckle. I brought the newspaper home and packed it away in a box. I’ve pulled it out on occasion and it has always brought a smile to my face. I occasionally thought about sending it into Jay Leno for that newspaper misprint he used to do, but I never could bring myself to part with it.  Now, almost 20 years after it was published, I figure it may be time to let someone else appreciate this fun piece, especially if it can help to raise a few bucks for a charity. Since the former “Champ” has a wonderful nonprofit, selling it now and donating 50% of the price to that charity seems to be a no-brainer.

The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy was founded in 1989 by former First Lady, Barbara Bush. Citing research showing that the success of children is greatly influenced by the literacy of his/her parents, the organization is working hard to help the 1 in 4 adults who can’t read at a 5th grade level. The organization’s literacy programs and scholarships have benefited both children and parents in all 50 states.

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