The Denver Broncos are out of the playoffs, which is causing all the fair-weather fans to jump off the bandwagon. A true fan knows they weren’t always the great team they are today, so they can be patient while the new players and coach work on a winning strategy.  They remember the Broncos first several years were really bad. That’s what makes this Vintage Orange Crush Denver Broncos Display Trophy Pen Set so special.
Orange Crush
In 1977, the Broncos hit their stride. The defensive line was nicknamed the Orange Crush, and they crushed the competition, heading to the Super Bowl for the first time.

This Orange Crush Trophy was created to commemorate their winning season. A nice collectible display piece, created by G. David Christmas, incorporates an original vintage Orange Crush can, a large horse and a football, a gold colored pen holder (no pen), a white Italian marble base, and a blue metal plate engraved with ’77 “DEFENSE” 78′.  The bottom of the base is is stamped and has a disclaimer stating that it was not manufactured or sponsored by Crush International. Measures 10″ tall x 7″ wide x 3″ deep.

Celebrate Denver Broncos history by displaying this trophy on your desk, or in your man cave.